Berwick Tyres

Book Your Tyre Fitting With Us - Our Experts Will Check The Direction And Angle Of Your Wheels Are Correctly Aligned

Berwick Tyres

To Ensure Your Vehicle Is Correctly Balance We Check The Weight Of The Wheel And Tyre Around The Axle Is Even

Berwick Tyres

Worn or Damaged Tyres Can Be Dangerous, Our Tyre Experts Will Check For Signs Of Irregular Wear

Berwick Tyres

Our Trained Technicians Will Help You To Choose And Expertly Fit The Correct Tyres For All Seasons

Berwick Tyres

29 Northumberland Rd, Tweedmouth, Berwick-upon-Tweed TD15 2AS

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Our team of friendly and knowledgeable operators are waiting for your call on 01289 302526. Speak to them today if you require any further details or information about our expert tyre fitting services. Alternatively you can email us using the link below.

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A Great Selection Of Tyres At Great Savings - Fitted By Our Professionals

The KLE Group Berwick - For further details about any of our wide-ranging services click on the links below or call us on 01289 302526

Your Locally Based Tyre Fitting Specialist.

We stock and fit a wide range of quality new and used tyres to fit every budget. Our friendly and experienced team of professional fitters will keep you and your vehicle safely on the road and we're always happy to offer advice.

Your Locally Based Group Transportation Specialist.

Whether you're arranging a big family day out, a corporate team building trip or a big celebration night out, Berwick Buses is your number one private hire specialist. Covering Northumberland, The Borders and Beyond!